The Rock Guide

The Rock Guide

The Rock Guide

Happy Labor Day! I hope you and your family are enjoying time together on this beautiful day.

I just wanted to drop in your inbox and give you a quick update on what we have just launched for the students!

What is the Rock Guide?

The Rock Guide (which can be found here) is a guide to help aid students in having a meaningful devotional time with the Lord. We know spending time with the Lord daily is one huge piece to fueling our walk with Christ. One of the greatest ways this happens is when we read His Word daily! Devotional are helpful and great. This isn’t a devotional. It is more of a reading plan with a few extras like: a small note of commentary, a few questions tailored to the passage and a memory verse. A week of these will drop at a time. Old weeks will go into the archive. You can always get easily to the Rock Guide by going to and clicking “the rock guide” at the top of the page.

I hope your student (and maybe even you!) find this helpful to their walk with Christ.

Know I am always here for you and your student.

By grace,

Pastor Andrew